AI Classics Reading Group




Image Courtesy: Logical versus Analogical or Symbolic versus Connectionist or Neat versus scruffy. Marvin Minsky.

Time: 11am-noon, (alternate) Tuesdays. See schedule.
Place: Smith Hall 200 (please wear a mask if attending in person)
Zoom link: See mailing list archives

Organizers: Shubham Tulsiani (email), Deepak Pathak, Jun-Yan Zhu, Katerina Fragkiadaki

Progress in research oftens takes a circuitous path. Well-established ideas can be false starts, and long-neglected theories can turn out to have been right all along. While we naturally prioritize the exciting and emergent trends in our respective research areas when reading papers, it is equally important to develop a broader (and historical) perspective. This reading group is an effort to do this, where we will focus not on the new and shiny, but rather the old and grand.

Our plan is to read and discuss some of the classical papers in AI, Vision, Robotics and also draw inspiration from related areas of Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognition etc. Please see this representative set of readings for a sample of what we may cover, although this will be an evolving list driven by the interests of the participants (and presenters). If you would like to participate in this reading group, please subscribe to this mailing list.